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South County Golf Academy Announces New Time Slots

Could your game use a fall tune-up? Here’s a new opportunity for you to come train with us!

The South County Golf Academy has new times available for its Adult Golf Fundamentals class! There are now slots at 1-2 p.m. from Oct. 20-Nov. 10.

These classes cover the fundamental elements to a flawless, and injury-free swing, as well as create awareness of the proper muscles being used in your golf swing. By using and activating the proper muscles, we can prevent injury and speed up the learning process.

Follow the link to register:


End of Summer Concert Event

Join us on Thursday, September 28, from 7pm – 10pm for the last show of our Summer Concert Series featuring the Barenaked 80’s.

It’s the end of summer so we’re saying goodbye to our Summer Concert Series. And, we’re doing it in style.

Every single time the Barenaked 80’s have put on a show at O’Neill’s it has been an absolute blast! Something about their stage presence and energy seems to inspire the entire crowd join in, belting out 80’s favorites from all genres.

The band plays on September 28th from 7pm – 10pm in O’Neill’s Bar & Grill. We’ll have a special Dinner Buffet for $24.95 per person, kids pricing is $14.95+ (Ages 4-12). Join us for a great event! Make a reservation:


The Dinner Buffet includes:
Bistro Mix Greens Salad
Louisiana Style Blackened Chicken Breast
Abe Froman’s Italian Sausage
Sloppy Joes
Swedish Meatballs
Tri Color Pasta Salad
Deviled Eggs
Vegetable Rice-A-Roni
Green Bean Casserole
Upside-Down Pineapple Cake
Blondie Bars

Thank you to everyone who has joined us at our Summer Concert Series events. Once again, it was a big success and we look forward to this last show and to putting the summer series together again next year!

Champagne Brunch Special: Cheers To Saving On Your Event With Us

‘Tis the season … to save on your special event at Arroyo Trabuco!

Book a holiday party, wedding, banquet, tournament, corporate event or other special event with us BEFORE Oct. 31st and you’ll receive a complimentary champagne brunch!

The rolling hills that surround our club and course provide the perfect scenic backdrop and setting for your special occasion. Our spacious ballroom can seat up to 240 people, and our experienced staff will cater to your every need, including catering. Our talented culinary team will craft the perfect menu for your celebration and our ranch-themed O’Neill’s Bar & Grill and patio are at your disposal to host your guests.

Call to book!

(949) 305-5111


Arroyo Trabuco’s “Ace” Basks In Rare Hole-In-One Success

The odds of an amateur golfer making a hole-in-one are estimated at 12,500 to 1. Jimmy Shea’s story starts there before the math gets much more interesting.

Hole in One – May 7th 2017 Hole No. 8, 149 yards, 7 iron

Hole in One – July 9th 2018 Hole No 8, 155 yards, 7 iron

Shea’s first hole-in-one at Arroyo Trabuco came on May 7th on No. 8. His second came two months later … on No. 8. Same hole. Same pin location. Same club. Same playing partner.

What are odds?

Shea briefly tried to calculate the odds of his good fortune and then stopped, choosing instead to bask in his newfound semi-celebrity status in the clubhouse and his new nickname.

“They call me Ace around the clubhouse now,” Shea said with a laugh. “And I’ve two hole-in-one plaques in the clubhouse. That’s pretty cool.”

Shea is a member at Arroyo and has been playing the course for seven or eight years, often with his Saturday playing partner, Randy Voss, who witnessed both hole-in-ones and reported them on Facebook, adding that Shea “should probably have a bench named after him.”

Get your next hole-in-one at Arroyo Trabuco:

Voss and Shea were paired up as singles around six years ago, Shea said, and have been Saturday playing partners ever since. The pair was playing together when Shea scored his first ace from 149 yards with a 7-iron, a feat first unrealized because the hole was tucked behind a bunker.

“We couldn’t find the ball, so we looked in the hole and there it was. We did a simple high-five and walked off. There was no one else around to see or share it with,” Shea said, adding, “You kind of want an audience around when these things happen.”

The second time in July, Shea did. But once again, the pair was unsure of the outcome of Shea’s 7-iron. “But we did see it go over the bunker.”

This time, however, Course Host Jayro Guillen was stationed near the green. He walked over and the plucked the ball from the cup to confirm the ace.

While there’s obviously an element of luck involved, Shea says the outcomes confirm that the hole fits his shot shape. In fact, Shea said he recently just missed a three-peat.

“I hit a fade on the hole and hitting into the wind seems to help. It’s perfect for my shot shape.”

Shea also credited his playing partner.

“Randy’s my good-luck charm,” he said.

Perhaps the only downside to his run of aces at No. 8, Shea said, is that a comfortable tee shot has become a pressure situation.

“Anything less than an ace isn’t good,” he said with a laugh.

Shea has now had three hole-in-ones in his career. And he’s not ruling out a fourth, possibly again at No. 8.

“The confidence is definitely there now.”


No. 8 at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club