End of Summer Concert Event

Join us on Thursday, September 28, from 7pm – 10pm for the last show of our Summer Concert Series featuring the Barenaked 80’s.

It’s the end of summer so we’re saying goodbye to our Summer Concert Series. And, we’re doing it in style.

Every single time the Barenaked 80’s have put on a show at O’Neill’s it has been an absolute blast! Something about their stage presence and energy seems to inspire the entire crowd join in, belting out 80’s favorites from all genres.

The band plays on September 28th from 7pm – 10pm in O’Neill’s Bar & Grill. We’ll have a special Dinner Buffet for $24.95 per person,┬ákids pricing is $14.95+ (Ages 4-12). Join us for a great event! Make a reservation:


The Dinner Buffet includes:
Bistro Mix Greens Salad
Louisiana Style Blackened Chicken Breast
Abe Froman’s Italian Sausage
Sloppy Joes
Swedish Meatballs
Tri Color Pasta Salad
Deviled Eggs
Vegetable Rice-A-Roni
Green Bean Casserole
Upside-Down Pineapple Cake
Blondie Bars

Thank you to everyone who has joined us at our Summer Concert Series events. Once again, it was a big success and we look forward to this last show and to putting the summer series together again next year!

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